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Welcome to The Katmai Natives Pack! This is a wolf Roleplay based upon Alaska's most treacherous mountains, Katmai.
Here at the Katmai Natives Pack, we Roleplay, have contest, and overall just have fun!
If you plan on joining, please fill out a joining form located in 'Visitor's Center', and please make an account here. We'd love to see you join!
-Siren & Macy
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Post by Siren on Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:46 pm

We allow avatars here in ASP to promote creativity and identity! So please make sure you're using them properly.

1. Your avatar MUST be wolf related! (cannot be: a person, an item, or ect.)
It's a wolf RP! Use common sense.

2. You must NOT still have a 'New Member' avatar if you are not a newcomer!
Who would want to keep those ugly 'New Member' avatars when they've earned their rank?! Please put some time into making or getting an avatar, we love to see what your character looks like!

3. Your avatar must not exceed the size of 150 x 200 pixels! (view your profile if you do not understand)
This means the size of your avatar may NOT be huge. Please keep it down to these dimensions as to not mess with the html.

4. Have fun with them!
 Make your avatar neat! Make it look like YOUR wolf! It will be easier to let people know what your character looks like in RolePlay, and it helps us all distinguish different people.


Avatar Rules Siren210
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