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Crushes, Mates, and Pup Guidelines

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Crushes, Mates, and Pup Guidelines Empty Crushes, Mates, and Pup Guidelines

Post by Siren on Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:24 am

Hey guys!

While crushes, mates, and pups are perfectly fine here, there are a few rules that help keep the firms in place. Make sure you follow them, and read over them carefully. If you break one of these rules, you will receive a warning and/or be banned from the pack.

1. Newcomers must NOT have crushes until they have been given a rank. This ensures that the member is active enough before diving into a relationship with another user.

2. Rapid crush-changing is frowned upon here. We get that you may need to change your mind a few times, but day after day flirting isn't really the best option.

1. Two may NOT become mates until they have permission from the Doyen. If you want to become mates with another user, PM me  first. If not, this will result in a warning and/or being banned.

2. Once you become mates with another character, you must stay true to them. No de-mating unless you and your partner are for sure about it, and I will not let just anyone demate. There must be good reasons. Any users that participate in an unofficial mating ceremony will be punished. By becoming mates, you are making an IC (in character) commitment to another user.

3. If you become mates with another user and they get banned/removed from the pack for any reason, your character will continue on as if their mate has died or vanished.

4. You must have a ceremony preformed by a Doyen or Proti at the Stream of Ceremony

5. You must have at least 50 posts.

6. LGBT characters are not allowed. Please contact me through PM if there is an issue or if you have any questions.

7. Your character is allowed to cheat on his/her mate, but you may not have two mates at one time.

1. Of course, if you and your mate want to have pups you must PM me and/or Macy. The claim will have to be accepted by us both before the female can become 'pregnant'.

2. If you plan on RPing a pup and your main character, you must be accepted by a Doyen. Once your pup character grows out of its Narabi stage, the pup must disperse from the pack.

3. You may only have one pup at a time.

4. No gory birth or "making the pup." If you really want to do that, take it to PM.

1. While demating isn't a very positive option, you can still choose to conduct in this process if you and your partner agree to demate. This means your character will not have a mate anymore, and will not be able to have a crush until a week after the demating process. To demate, both users must PM the Doyens with 2 reasons of why they chose to demate.


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