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Things now about me, since everything is changing a lot.

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Things now about me, since everything is changing a lot.

Post by Macoon on Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:54 am

~Full Name~
Joseph Kalys Chadwick Bourque

~Nationality and History (and pets too)~
I'm from Canada, Alberta, i have lived in the same house merely 17 years. I am Matie Half White/Native - Irish/French/Cree (Native language)
I had pets two dogs, one Dingo Boxer (Sara) and Dingo Boxer Dalmatian (Core). Core, was born on the same day as mine, but a year after. Sara Died on 2010 age of 14, and on 2012, Core  died at the age of 14.
And now two other dogs, a Shih Tzu Terrier (Sissy) and a Shih Tzu Cross (Malabo). Sissy is a rescued dog, and age of 7 years old. Malabo is over a year old.
I have 3 cats, one's the mother (names beamer --- Sun-Beam) of the other two (Marley and Aucky). She's a Manx breed. She had litters of 48 kittens, now, she's too old for any more. She's from her other mother cat named Sunshine, which she was found dead on our own property, from an unknown predator. Could be a result of a Coyote.

~Physical Appearance~
I'm about 5 Foot 1 inch, a mild body build. Hair is short, dark brown natural, Hazel eyes.

~True Story In History of kindness~
When i was 8 years old, my dad took me to my neighbors to hang and talk. Then something countered me, that my neighbor had a prigeon. That had a lot of toys for him, but he never played with them anymore. Afterwards, my neighbor wanted me to see this priegon. I said, alright, and i went in by myself. I saw him looking at me curiously when i walked in, then i sat down on the couch, watching. He started making his calls, somehow, i replied the same way. Then time to time, he started playing with his toys and flying around, because i was actually good for myself. Even the owner was amazed but it. That's how i got my Kindness and Generosity for animals.

Canada, Mid-Alberta --- Mountain Time

17 (September 4th 1997)

i'm in grade 10, for the time of my schooling from held back in grade one, twice. So that's why overall.

I have one sister, Viktorya who is 18. She was born with Down syndrome and CP, which is name for Cerebral Palsy. Meaning some of the physical movements are damaged/injured from the brain. She's going to school until at the age of 21. She's in a program for physical needs. In P.L.A.C.E program in other words, Disability children in needs program. And Make a Wish Foundation had been a help for Viktorya, to meet her wish, Cher in person. Those who don't know who she is: Cher is an American singer, actress, and television host. Burlesque the movie.

~Grade In school~
I'm in Grade 10 in Memorial Composite High School --- M.A.P Program. This 1st semester is take Grade 10 Art. I don't have my learners (yet), since i'm 17.

~Physical Interests and Backgrounds~
I have been doing things over time and feel good that i am doing them. Photography, started me with a sense of values, when i was young, at age of 7. Starting in good matters mostly. But, as the years passed by, noticing what i should do instead of the computers, etc. [I know, gaming life] Brought my attention to photography this summer. Before i started High school in September where my birthday is.
Otherwise about my age in grade 10, i've been held back in grade 1 for improvements, twice. Now, i'm in a program in M.A.P (Modified Academic Program) because, i have low, ability to understand the knowledge. But, not what you think, it's just of my own lack of speech and reading skills. I do understand everything in reading, but not the school's System of Education stuff.
2nd semester took me into K&E (Knowledge and Employability), but currently i'm half in M.A.P too.

Two years ago, i have been doing things much differently. I have acknowledgment for wolves, for that long ago and now. Because of their Behavior, Ecosystem-building/impacts and History, also Beauty. 'Tis has been far beyond, of my researching, and what can they do to any landscape.
I started doing art, 2 years ago. Did a no-skill, freehand Sketching. I've did one drawing of a wolf eye, 2 years ago. Last year i placed it in my grade 9 -- Art show. Which i found out this fall, that my picture was picked for the best pieces that i've done. Now it's being displayed at a Multicultural Center, for a year.

My good-will of others, consider me as a sensitive person. And i am, because feelings are matched with understanding with anything that has a surrounding. I'm more a slow-goer since my dad got me into all of the computer technology. But i'm more a calm and self-controlled environment for myself, with hands-on such as art.

Being with my girlfriend, of course. I do like art, quite a bit and photography did an outstanding self-taught performance related to photography.Such as these during the fall.

I have many other pictures, and not just those i showed you. If you want to check them: or
And yes my own photography Facebook Page.

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Re: Things now about me, since everything is changing a lot.

Post by Sesei on Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:00 am

Nice intro! I seem to also have the similar problem in school when it came to speech. I was in Elementary school when I had to take two courses a day to improve my speaking skills, it wasn't that great then but it worked out for the best! I'm glad you do love photography and your photos look really cool! (Faved already on da! Very Happy). One question I'm looking into and that is what type of camera do you use? I don't have those big cameras with the adjustable scope, but rather a cheap digital. :p First camera for everything I suppose.

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Re: Things now about me, since everything is changing a lot.

Post by Macoon on Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:01 pm

To answer your question. Sony - Cyber-Shot 14.1 megapixels (4320 x 3240), 4x Optical Zoom, 26mm Wide-angle Lens (35mm format) 2.7 LCD screen 2.7"/6.7cm. Full HD 1080. DSC-W350
I don't have a cable for it, but i use one other camera to load it to my computer. But this is an old Camera in 2007 around that year anyways.

Now i have a newer Camera, Nikon 21x optical zoom wide, 14.1 MP, 921k-dot LCD, L120

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Re: Things now about me, since everything is changing a lot.

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