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About Meeee(For once XDD)

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About Meeee(For once XDD) Empty About Meeee(For once XDD)

Post by Jace on Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:34 am

Name: Jason Austin Foster

Nicknames: Jay, Jase, Little Blue Jay, Mockingjay, Jay-train, Bub, all those cute names my Gf gives me..XD, Babygirl, Good boy, Seducer...

Location: It starts with an 'F' and ends with an 'A' and the letters in between are 'L,O,R,I,D' XD

Grade: Eighth(Should be in Ninth)

Age: 15

Birthday: August 28th

Interests: Music: Green Day, Skillet, Usher, Eminem, Pink, Gavin Degraw, The Summer Set, Hunter Hayes, Evasacene, Sean Kingston, Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, Emile Sande.. The list goes on.. Athletics: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, La Crosse, Surfing, Motor Cross, Track and Field. Other: My Girl<3 Teasing me lovely BEST friend/sister: Akita(Solace) Throwing small rocks at cars and running for my life. Being out of a coma. Plugging my cats nose as he sleeps, having tomatoe fights, Blue moon and Sherbert ice cream, SALT WATER TAFFY, making weapons out of rocks and mud, Racing cars, dirt bikes, yard carts, Watching Pewdiepie and other youtubers that I'm obsessed with, slide tackling people in my soccer matches, using Mason as my own personal graphic photographer designer, beating my sister with plastic baseball bats, using my rather smart, funny comebacks, outsmarting people, dancing and singing terribly in my kitchen, Just. Being. MEEE. Etc, etc....

Personality: I'm a hoodie, ripped jeans, sweatpants type of guy. I'm almost obsessed with keeping my hair presentable. I can be very obnoxious, and dirty minded at times. I'm VERY protective of people I truelly care about. (My gf... And Akita.. My siblings.. Close friends..) I tend to lose my temper easily at times. I am a seriously sensitive, sweet, caring soul too. So I'm not a complete heartless monster. I find it hard to trust some people.. I do have a humorous attitude too, so I'm not technically boring.... AWK-WARD.... And I'm a so called "softy" or "good boy" (Only when I wanna be..!)  I can be highly aggressive in sports, arguments. I always back up my friends no matter what. I have a sarcastic, witty demeanor sometimes. Very outsmarting. Often, I am flirtatious, but sorry ladies, fortunately, I'm taken. By an amazing girl.

Dislikes: Clowns, Bathtubs, being pestered, bright lights in my face, birds, self centered people, anyone who hurts or takes advantage of my loved ones -.-, chocolate(allergic), depression, losing my self control, being alone, snoring, milk(bleh), and so on...

Looks: Standing at 6'2.2" I have dark, shaggyish hair with eyes the color of storm clouds, but I wear colored contacts so they're green/hazel like. Fair colored skin, Long legs, rather broad features. I have a scar on my lip, one on each if my palms, a wide, pale pink color, one both wrists(shaped as very thin curved lines), one across the side of my knee cap, one under my left shoulder blade and a few inches down my back, there are many scars across my collar bone and shoulders. And one on my lung. Sharper features. A birthmark placed on my right hip. Weight consisting of somewhere between 116-128lbs.

Family: I live in two places. My dads apartment and my moms house. I have four siblings, three brothers and a sister. In this order it's: Hayden, Liam, Julie, MEE, and Mason. My uncle, aunt and grandparents live with my mom too. Liam and I switch between Both homes.

Interesting things: I HAVE A VERBAL DISORDER....I'm known to have anxiety attacks, I've been a coma once.(Four wheeler accident). I've broken my arms, legs, shoulder, fingers, collar bone once or a few times. I Am known to get extreme, deadly abnormal fever temperatures.

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About Meeee(For once XDD) Empty Re: About Meeee(For once XDD)

Post by Amethyst on Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:23 am

Awesome bio about yourself! ^~^ Hope you enjoy your stay in the Katmai Natives Pack! :)

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About Meeee(For once XDD) Empty Re: About Meeee(For once XDD)

Post by Shunook on Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:18 pm

welcome nice to know about ya.

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About Meeee(For once XDD) Empty Re: About Meeee(For once XDD)

Post by Jace on Wed Oct 23, 2013 3:44 pm

Thanks, I edited it. A LOT. You can probably tell... Lol.

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About Meeee(For once XDD) Empty Re: About Meeee(For once XDD)

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