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Welcome to The Katmai Natives Pack! This is a wolf Roleplay based upon Alaska's most treacherous mountains, Katmai.
Here at the Katmai Natives Pack, we Roleplay, have contest, and overall just have fun!
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-Siren & Macy
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Current Ranks

Post by Siren on Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:34 pm

Welcome to The Katmai Natives Pack! As stated in our name, our pack is a canid RolePlay based on one of Alaka's most dangerous mountain! So, of course, in RolePlay characters will have to carry out different ranks that fit them. Each rank is unique in itself, so choose wisely.

There  is only one special members in this group (Myself; Siren). I am the website creator and pack founder, and am not one to fool around with. The Doyen is the highest ranks, being he is the 'Alpha' of the pack. Respect me, and don't hesitate to ask any questions!

The Proti's are a small group of members who help the Doyens and moderate the site. They are well-trusted members who've proved they can handle the job. Macy and Siren will choose 2-5 Proti's at a time, depending on when they are needed. This is the highest achievable rank that members can recieve.

One Tribute will be selected by the Proti's and Doyen's each month. The Tribute of the Month is a member who was active, kind, and helpful to other members. It is a great honor to be selected, so do not take it for granted.

The Pranices are the warriors of the pack. They are usually along the cliffline, fending off any predators in order to keep the pack safe. Pranices are usually larger canines who are aggressive, and enjoy the thought of killing.

The Jeagers are the hunters of the pack. They are known for their many abilities including strength and speed, and will often fan out of the territory to hunt as a group. The Jeagers are important, because without food the pack would diminish.

The Raffens are usually more subtle wolves who enjoy padding around the territory to gather various materials. They gather bones, dead animals, and sometimes even herbs.

The Waches are sneaky canines who usually waltz out of the territory to keep watch over the land. They guard the pack's essential land, marking the territory and reporting anything suspicious to the Doyens or Protis.

The Saimoors are usually careless wolves who risk thier lives for the welfare of the pack. They will usually be found climbing the cliff faces or reaching peaks in order to explore the land and report back to the Doyens and Protis.

The Celetes are the healers of the pack. They usually are always ready to heal wounded wolves, and have great knowledge of herbs and natural resources. The Celetes are usually caring beings.

The Nerabis are members who are more than 1 year and 2 months of age. They are the teenagers of the packs, and are not yet adults.

The Infanos are the pups of the pack. Ages range from 1 day to 1 year and 2 month. After this, you'll be moved to a Narabi.

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